Writing this book would not have been possible without help and support I talked the contain of the book with many people on the ground in Denmark, Greenland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. I wish to thank particularly Agne Vei, Alex Laghai, Alisher Khamidov, Euclid Laghai, Kamsia Arafin, Jay Dee James, Jörgen Appelgren, Hooman Peimani, Lars Boström, Muhamad Breyel, Salam Mohideen, Shabbir Ahmed Chowdhury and Sukanya Chaipong. They all have shared their striking insights into modern society and mental health and refined the manuscript.

This book is about six years of traveling and teaching in Asia and Europe as psychology lecturer so I would like to thank those who share conversations on social welfare and mental wellbeing. In Scandinavia, I came across with many refugees, asylum seekers, rejected immigrants, single mothers and elderly who lost contact with their own parents, relatives and children for decades, attempting to keep their emotional lives in balance. They provided many valuable information and emotional episodes about their own lives, which enriched the contain of this book you have in your hand.

As the Welfare Epidemic reached close to completion, I became involved in fascinating talks and discussions with psychology students at the Raffles College of Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. This brought a new way of thinking and reflecting over the nature and function of mental wellbeing at grassroot level. Those conversations showed me how it could fit all the different topics together. Thanks to psychology students for all the support and strength they gave me.

I am most grateful to my family, and above all, to my teenage boy, Daniel, who retyped some of the revised chapters of this book. I also would like to thank the many people at local social welfare departments, schools, universities, mental hospitals and rehabilitation centers both in Asian and Scandinavian countries who shared their views, feedbacks and experiences. My deepest gratitude goes to Liesbeth Heenk and her team at Amsterdam Publishers for giving the public mental health a voice.